Frequently Asked Questions About Rory Sykes

Are Rory Sykes and Callum Sykes the same person?
Yes. Rory officially decided to change his name while in Lapland, Finland and legally changed it in Sydney, Australia at 18.
Does Rory Sykes really have Cerebral Palsy?
Are Rory Sykes, his mother Shelley Sykes and Grandmother Pauline, really all born on July 29?
Where was Rory Sykes born?
Rory Sykes was born on Wednesday, July 29, 1992 in West Yorkshire, England at Airedale General Hospital.
How tall is Rory Sykes?
Rory Sykes is 6 feet 5 inches (195.58 cm) tall.
How long has Rory Sykes played RuneScape?
Rory has played RuneScape since 2001 and currently as more than 65,000 hours played on an account he created in 2005.
Does Rory Sykes play Old School RuneScape?
What is Rory Sykes' name in RuneScape (RSN)?
He does not like to share that information. Though it has been leaked in the past.

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